About Us

Ron and Norma Carlon bought a new motorhome in 1994. During it's idle time, in order to help with the payments they started renting it out.

They were so overwhelmed with people wanting to rent, they decided to help other motorhome owners by teaching them to rent out their rigs also.

In 2001 Bill and Judy Claypool joined on as partners. Bill brought with him his computer skills (which helped bring our webpage where it is today) and Judy her accounting background (she tries to keep Ron and Bill in line with her accounting expertise.)

We rent the best for less!

We're the Real Deal: The Best Around, Literally.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, we understand why you might be cynical, but we're for real, and we continue to offer our luxury motor-home rental services and terrific association program as what's probably the most exceptional value and return-on-investment of its kind.

Read some of the heartfelt testimonials on our web site.

Read about us, and how Private Motor Home RV Rentals got its start.

Follow our company's progress, as a good idea got even better, expanding in 2001 with the addition of fellow partners Bill and Judy Claypool, who brought not only their faith and determination in the excellence of our venture - almost a quest, really - but their expertise in computers and accounting.

Give into that buried wanderlust - and feel more comfortable, more secure, and more content than you'd ever dreamed.

Join us and our full-service luxury RV owners/renters now!