Making Money With Your Motorhome

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Reduce your motor home expenses with Private Motor Home Rentals — we will match renters with your motor home.

The purpose of the Private Motor Home Association is to promote and train individuals to become independent contractors in the Motor Home R.V. rental business, operated as a home-based business or as a commercial enterprise.

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Hi Bill

Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all that you and your wife do for us. If it were not for the website, Patti would not have been able to work at home and my son Jason would not be able to work with us and learn about the entrepreneur world.

We are thankful for all you do.

Jerry Wilhoit Midlothian, VA

Benefits of Association Membership

List your motor home with us and get…

Full Training:

  • Online or printed materials teach you everything you need to know about this great income-generating opportunity.
  • In addition, we provide all the details and forms for renting your motor home, including:
  • Reservation forms
  • Recommended rental rates
  • Insurance information
  • Rental contracts
  • Accounting forms
  • Credit card acceptance

I recently joined the Private Motorhome Association this March for the same reason you are considering it. I have a 35' Allegro Bus diesel pusher and can only reasonably expect to use it 3-4 weeks per year. I think this is a great way to offset the costs. more

Marc Cassalina Milton, NY

A Large customer pool:

  • Summer is the busiest time, although Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break are also good rental times.

An Easy Routine:

  • You continue to house your motor home at your location.
  • Renters come to you – you go over the motor home operations with them at check out time.
  • You receive a deposit from the renter when the reservation is made, then receive the final payment when the motor home is picked up. This also includes a separate $1,000 security deposit.

Hi Ron and Bill –

I thought I would take the time to thank you for the opportunity to be a member of This experience has been great for my family. The online reservation system is great, and the site is so easy to use. We have had a very good response from visitors to your site.more

Ron and Terri Trejo Corona, CA 2006 Fleetwood Excursion

This is a Great Program! We Offer:

  • All of the advertising… You just sit back and take the phone calls and emails from the renters.
  • Credit Card Acceptance… this is convenient for your renters and gives you the best rates available.
  • Help in defraying your costs for maintenance, upkeep or monthly payments.
  • Easy-to-View information and pictures of your R.V. on our website.
  • I can not think of a reason this wouldn't be a good way to help offset the cost and with a few breaks make a return greater than the combined payment and expenses involved. I hesitate to say profit since the way you carry the expenses, depreciation etc. will dictate to a great extent, the true real net profit.more

    Al Grey Cameron Park, CA

    How Rental Fees and Commissions Work

    Association Membership is 20% of all rental fees generated by his/her motorhome for the first 12 months, regardless of whether the rentals are generated by the association or by other advertising. After the first year, if all commissions have been paid on time, the rate then drops to 15%, after 3 years the rate drops to 10% of all base rentals of his/her motorhome while a member of the Private Motorhome Rental Association.

    More Benefits of the Association

    We help you actively pursue new markets and information, as well as better business and RV services through:

    Advertising and Renter Services

    • Maintaining the best web page in the R.V. rental industry, making the site easy to use for both owners and customers.
    • Advertising for R.V. rentals and referral of customers.
    • Providing links on our website so renters can plan and schedule their entire vacation if they wish to do so.
    • Helping members accept credit cards from renters at the best rates available.

    We have been associated with PMRA for about three years. The Association has been extremely helpful in terms of exposure on the Internet. We do not advertise in the paper and we do not have an ad in the phone book. Their fee structure is very fair for the service they provide. The site gets thousands of hits each week giving your coach tons of exposure.

    I can only speak for our experience when I say, it's been profitable. We are in a market that has a huge client base. Our coach goes out on average at least once a month starting in April until late fall. We get more requests than we can fill during the summer.

    Please keep in mind, Wisconsin may be different. Having grown up in Chicago, I know how beautiful Wisconsin can be so I can only imagine you would have no problem renting your unit.

    We have a large diesel unit and although fuel prices have gone through the roof, we are starting to get inquiries for this year.

    If you are looking to retire off your profits I would hope that you would have a strong pension in place also. If you want to offset your payments or upkeep expenses, I would highly recommend this service.


    Paul Arden Dallas, TX

    Supporting Members’ Business and Motor Home Needs

    • Providing education, information, sample contracts, brochures, etc. to members on an as-needed basis.
    • Helping members find the most affordable markets with the best coverage available for commercial & personal motor home insurance.
    • Offering reduced membership fees for members to Good Sam Club thru our webpage link.

    I can honestly say it has been a really good experience for us. Not to mention the heads-up these guys give you on rentals to beware of like to the Burning Man in the desert. Just not a friendly place for your coach to go and we had no idea. You can contact me anytime for a reference for the association. I am glad I didn't start this business without it. It protects you and the renter. Its definitely a win/win!!!!!!" more

    Lori Powell Spanish Fork, UT


    Upon completion of this class, you will have a complete understanding of the Motorhome RV Rental Business and how this business will pay for your motorhome with an average of only one hour per week of your time.

    You'll learn who to rent to and who not to rent to. You'll learn advertising, proper scheduling, accounting, maintenance, insurance, background checks, motor vehicle reports, how to rent to movie studios on location and much much more. (view class outline.)

    Then, sit back, book the renters we send you, --- and take in the money.

    That's all it takes, we do the rest.

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    • FAX (706) 955-1385

    Click Here To Receive Information On Joining The Association