Types of RVs and How to Choose One

There are 4 main classes of RVs: Class A, Class B, Class C, and Towable. Let's begin!

Are you new to the RV lifestyle? If so, you've come to the right place! Navigate the basic RV types and differences using the helpful guide below.

Did you know: Over 2.2 million RVs have been sold in the last five years alone.


Class A

Class A Motorhomes are considered the most luxurious of RVs. They are larger, bus-shaped motorcoaches that can be between 25 and 45 feet in length. They are usually much more spacious on the inside than other types of RVs. This makes them a great choice for year-round RVing or those who want to live permanently on the road. With an RV of this size, it is easy to tow a small vehicle behind it if you need to travel short distances while staying at an RV park or camping area.

Class B

A Class B RV is a camper that’s more like a van than a bus. It may look like a large van on the outside, but inside it has the majority of the amenities you would have at home. It is a smaller class of a motorhome. But it is just the right size for couples or small families. Or those who only want to take their RV out for the weekend.

Class C

Class C motorhomes are similar in size and function to a Class A. They have the same amenities for vacationing or living on the road without the same luxury. And at a much more affordable rate. These RVs are on a van or a truck chassis and feature a camper body and a van cab area.


Towables are the smallest types of RVs or campers. They include travel trailers like Airstreams and pop-up campers. They can be basic and hold just the bare necessities that you will need for a weekend camping trip. While there are larger towable trailers that have multiple slides which may open to reveal more living space, most are small and only to be used temporarily.

Consider an RV for your next getaway. Let us help you navigate the right RV for your next escape.

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