Bambi C

Bambi C

I love the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking, snow skiing, kayaking, roller skating and my favorite is horseback riding. I go camping with my friends and we take the horses camping with us. We have our yearly trips to Big Bear, Lake Perris, Casper Wilderness Park and Morro Bay. We travel in a group of 10 to 15 families and sometimes more. We all bring food but we share and all eat together at least one meal a day. We ride our horses twice a day when camping. Early morning ride and then an evening ride.

I am married with a 12 year old son who plays basketball and football. I enjoy going to his games and make sure I am at every game.

I recently moved my dad in with me who just turned 80 years old. Since caring for my dad I haven't had much time camping with my friends. So I rent out my RV to supplement the monthly cost.

After renting my RV just to supplement the cost, I was amazed at the response and appreciate everyone who has rented my RV and hoping they all had the same wonderful experiences as I have with RV and camping. The RV rented very well and then I did not have any days for myself to take a vacation so I was able to purchase another RV due to the amazing support of received from others renting my RV. So I have two now. The 2016 Winnebago and the 2017 Thor Four Winds. I appreciate all of my blessings from God and You who have rented from me have made it possible to own 2 RVs so now I can continue to enjoy camping and sharing my RVs to others to experience the amazing camping world.


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The RV was great suited the 7 people we did not feel that we were on top of each other.

Bambi was very nice and explained in good detail what we needed to know and we were left to get on with it which was good.

Bambi C