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The Potter and the Clay & Now WANTED

The Life of someone like Ellis Lucas normally doesn't get written in books—instead, it’s “written” on the garbage heaps and junk piles of blighted urban areas—the saddest parts of our cities which record the tales of those who've totally given up to alcoholism, defeat, drug addiction, and a lot more. But not Ellis. Today, his life has become a gift to Life itself.

“If ever I have seen a sinner, sprinting headlong toward destruction, transformed by Christ into a wonderful life of service to the glory of God, Ellis Lucas is that man!”

---- Rick Simbro

Ellis Lucas is an author and the president of His Heart United, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry. For twenty-four years, drug and alcohol addictions ruined Ellis’s life so completely that he himself believed there was no conceivable way of recovering enough to ever live a normal life again. Ellis’s life story was featured on the international radio program “Unshackled,” a drama series that aired in 2013.

Today, Ellis travels the country speaking at churches, prisons, and special outreach events, and he has spent the past several years organizing evangelistic outreach events for churches as well as two and three-day city-wide evangelistic events. His life has become a gift to Life itself, thank God. Born in Cameron, Missouri, Ellis Lucas lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife Peggi. For more information about having Ellis speak at your church or event, visit HisHeartUnited.com or EllisLucas.com. Your heart will be the better for it.

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